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girl Brookside Lawn Service has been treating lawns since 1989. Our success comes from taking the hassle out of having a dark green, weed free lawn, as well as exceeding our client’s expectations! We make sure our customer’s lawn stand out for the right reasons: thick, healthy, weed free turf. Our commitment to the environment gives you peace of mind. We offer the best value and give you the lawn you deserve!

The Brookside Lawn Service Difference

If you’re looking for a quality lawn, that is thick and healthy then you might want to consider:

  • dogThe State of Ohio has licensed all of our applicators with the exception of those in our highly prized apprenticeship program preparing for state licensing.
  • Your lawn is treated for its individual needs. We do not use a large spray truck that applies the same mix to every lawn.
  • Only high quality, slow-release granular fertilizers that provide quality nutrients through your lawn’s root system are used on your lawn.
  • Highly effective liquid weed controls are used to eliminate ugly, hard to control weeds!
  • You will receive simple-to-follow advice on every visit. You’ll also receive unlimited free service calls to make sure your lawn reaches its fullest potential.
  • You’ll be pleased to know that no one works on commission at Brookside Lawn Service. We have only your lawn’s best interest at heart. NO HARASSING SALES CALLS!

Your Local Lawn Care Experts Serving Ohio since 1989

Weed Control

Lawn Weeds

Weeds are just bothersome in a lawn and we don’t like to see them. But more important, lots of weeds in a lawn are an indication that perhaps there’s something missing from the soil. Weed seeds usually require lots of sunlight to germinate, and if the lawn was thick and healthy, there just wouldn’t be enough sunlight available for lawn weeds to get started.

We can control those weeds if they’re present, but we may also suggest a soil sample to test your soil. This way your turfgrass will have an ideal foundation to grow thick and healthy and prevent those weed seeds from germinating. Call our office today if your lawn has weeds– we can help!

Lawn Care

A Well Maintained Lawn

LAWN CARE Our lawn care service is unmatched in the industry. We provide both regular fertilization programs and weed control, or our new organic lawn fertilization program that uses natural, slow-release lawn fertilizers that provides just the right nutrients for a healthy soil, and a dark-green lawn.

Tree and Shrub Care

Image of Ohio Shurbs, Cared for

ORNAMENTAL TREE & SHRUB CARE: Our Ornamental Tree and Shrub Program covers shrubs and trees up to 35′ in height includes regular fertilization, dormant oil spray, as well as specially timed applications that will control most foliage feeding insects. Talk to one of our tree and shrub representatives for more information, or about specific problems you may be experiencing with your ornamental landscape specimens.

Perimeter Pest Control

spider on door frame of house

PERIMETER PEST CONTROL: Don’t let the insects of summer take up residence inside your house to spend the winter months at your expense.

Our Perimeter Pest Control Program lays down a protective barrier around the exterior of your home, along the foundation right where crawling insects are most likely to try to get inside. Once inside, they’ll stay.  This program is an optional service.

All of our applicators take Great Pride in personally taking care of your lawn. We sincerely care about providing you with superior Customer Service. We expect the best from our Entire staff. We look forward to serving you.

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